Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Deviated Septum – The Rhynoplasty Alternative

Author: Dr. Jay Calvert

A deviated septum is a result of the thin layer of skin between the nostrils in your nose being off centered. As a result of this offset one nostril is often larger than the other and being forced to compensate for the air flow. A deviated septum can be the result of an accident or broken nose healing improperly and uneven. This condition is also hereditary as well, meaning it can be a condition passed down throughout your family over the years. In many cases a deviated septum is gone unnoticed without any significant breathing problems however more severe cases of a deviated septum often requires plastic surgery to ease their discomfort. If your septum is too far over to the right or left it can block one side of your nose and prevent you from inhaling a sufficient amount of oxygen. The blockage can lead to sinus infections, throat infections and other uncomfortable infections caused by mucus buildup. This condition also restricts airflow to the lungs. Plastic surgery helps to reshape the nose and allow an even amount of air to travel through both nostrils. Severe cases can often result in chronic sinus infections, nosebleeds, nasal congestion and more.

In more serious or uncomfortable cases reconstructive nasal surgery is required to help open up the nasal cavity. This will allow the two nostrils to be equally proportioned and reshape the nose to align straighter in some cases. Simple procedures can be performed without external incisions leaving no scaring on the patient. The incisions can be made inside the nose with all work being performed away from any visual outside layers of skin. If your deviated septum is the result of an injury Rhynoplasty may be a rewarding extra step to straighten out any unwanted angles. This is a great alternative to rebreaking the nose and allowing it to reheal on its own. Rhynoplasty can manipulate the shape of the nose and remove unwanted extra cartridge and sharpen the point removing any appearance of a ball at the end of the nose.

While most rhynosplasy procedures will run you around three to five thousand dollars, most insurance companies are willing to cover the costs of this operation. 100% financing is also available for those interested in low monthly payment plans.

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