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Cancer:: Cancer Research Charity:: Cancer Research UK

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Cancer Research UK is a charity that focuses upon research with the aim to understanding and curing cancers.  They attempt to take the lead in areas for which are not being fully investigated. To research cancer balances and opens further opportunities for exploration.  Much of research in the field of cancer is under funded.  Where there is a lack of funding this, ultimately, could lead to missed areas of research that could provide the eureka moment in curing cancer.

Concentrating increasingly more on cell therapies, such as nanoparticles, and DNA, this charity is at the forefront of cancer research.  Cancer Research UK leads the world in researching rare forms of cancer that gains very little funding.  Donations made to the charity get redistributed to areas of need and grants are made available to individuals and organisations of all denominations.  This can be to Universities, individuals and those in the private sector.

In their terms for research grants and awards, they state:

'Cancer Research UK seeks to work in partnership with host institutions to ensure a readily understood and straightforward interaction. Our aim is to ensure the efficient administration of awards, which will in turn contribute to the success of the research activity.'

Furthermore, in the quest to beat cancer, Cancer Research UK advocate working in partnership in order to purely achieve this quest by:

  • Forming partnerships with other charities
  • Assisting with other medical research organisations
  • Advocating transparency with professional and public health bodies, pharmaceutical companies, the Government and our supporters
  • Supporting those whose dedication is essential to their progress.

If you want to learn more, get ideas for fundraising and see some great video media, please click the following link for more:

Cancer:: Cancer Research Charity:: Cancer Research UK

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