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5 critical points on contraceptive pills and your health

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Modern contraceptive pills have evolved into a much safer option for birth control. However, lack of understanding of the evidence related to its health benefit among the public leading to the spread of myths about the use of pill for birth control. Here's a list of the top 5 questions surrounding the contraceptive pill.

1. Does pill causes cancer?

This is not true. The use of pill has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of reproductive organs cancer such as cancer of uterus and ovary. Scientific research findings revealed that the risk of ovarian cancer actually decrease by 10-12% after a year of use, and about 50% decrease after five years of use. The similar protective effects were also true for endometrial cancer.

2. Does pill causes weight gain?

This may be true with the earlier oestrogen pill as it promote water retention which normally occurs before menstruation. Today, modern low dose contraceptive pill that contain low oestrogen can overcome water retention that contributed to weight gain.

3. Does pill reduces fertility?

This might be true in the early 60s whereby the pill was contains higher dose of hormones. However, with modern low dose pill women can rapidly return to their pre-existing level of fertility upon discontinuing the pill. There are many other factors that could affect fertility for example age.

4. Does pill causes birth defects?

There are no scientific evidences to link the use of pill and birth defects. In fact, more that 100 million of women worldwide have benefited from use of the pill.

5. Does pill delay menopause?

There is no evidence to show that taking the pill delay or affect the onset of menopause in a woman.

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